When the Spirit Moves: A Guide for Ministers in Transition


BY RILEY WALKER--Dozens of resources help churches seeking new pastoral leadership, but what about the ministers who are seeking a specific ministry call? How can a pastor discern when to stay or where to go? Denominational leaders Riley Walker and Marcia Patton begin this practical and spiritual guide with the conviction that it is God’s Spirit that guides ministry transition. Therefore, the transition process is essentially and uniquely spiritual, as ministers evaluate their current ministry settings and consider new contexts. The book does not offer to pastors and other ministry leaders a specific course but a plan for the journey. The authors identify common areas of concern, frequent pitfalls and missteps, and oft-traveled routes to a successful transition. Includes practical resources such as personal skill assessments, an overview of the typical search and call process, sample interview questions, and best practices for ending one’s service with integrity and grace.