Transforming Worship Volume 1: The Lord is in Our Midst CD

Transforming Worship Volume 1: The Lord is in Our Midst CD

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Rory Noland is director of Heart of the Artist Ministries and serves as worship leader for the Transforming Center.  Rory served for twenty years as music director at Willow Creek and is a composer, song writer, speaker, and author of several books on worship and the arts, including The Worshiping Artist, Thriving as an Artist in the Church, The Heart of the Artist and Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven.


Listen to a sample: Speak O God

Listen to a sample: Unto You


  1. All the Lord has Done
  2. New Every Morning
  3. Holy Spirit, Guide Me
  4. Open Up Our Lips/Alleluia
  5. Speak O God
  6. Live What I Believe
  7. Come to Me
  8. God is Good (4-part round)
  9. The Lord is in Our Midst
  10.  Lord’s Prayer
  11. Humbly I Come
  12. He is Able
  13. Unto You
  14. Till We Gather Again
Transforming Worship Volume songs are short, simple, and easy to learn—that’s because full participation is a high value in our worship. The songs on this CD also reflect the rich diversity of community. We come from a wide variety of churches representing a wide range of worship styles. Yet, we come together as one to worship our great and transcendent God.
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