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Become a charter member of the Transforming Church network

The Transforming Church™ network is an affiliation of Christian leaders who are committed to leading their churches and organizations in becoming communities of spiritual transformation so they can discern and do the will of God (Romans 12:2).  The network provides relationships and resources that equip transforming leaders to effectively guide their churches and/or ministries to become communities of spiritual transformation that discern and do the will of God.  By joining this network you will join other leaders on the adventure of leading a Transforming Church

Joining the Transforming Church network:
By paying the $250 membership fee, I am completing the final step in joining the Transforming Church network.

  • I have applied and been accepted to be a part of the two-year Leading a Transforming Church program.  
  • I have indicated the level of engagement I can commit to at this time. 
  • As a senior leader in my church or organization, I am ready to become a charter member of the Transforming Church network and pay my $250 membership fee.

Charter membership in the network gives you the opportunity to help shape the network in its initial stages. Your membership fee also includes lunch and network conversation following each Leading a Transforming Church retreat.